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SSO Program for Kids

In 2016, the City-Parish Department of Environmental Services (DES) launched a school-based outreach program focused on helping the department establish a broader reach in the education community through partnerships with elementary, middle, and high schools across Baton Rouge, and assisting Baton Rouge area K-12 schools in connecting students who may be interested in STEM career fields with resources and mentors that can help develop their skills to align with available workforce opportunities – both those available now, and those that will be available in the future in Baton Rouge and beyond.

Key program objectives include:

One of the first projects DES took on through this program was a logo design contest for the department, whereby participating schools and students were able to submit their ideas and illustrations for potential DES logo options, with the winning design serving as the foundation and inspiration for the future brand of the department. That winning logo concept, designed by The Dunham School’s Taylor Murphy, now serves as the logo and foundational brand of DES, with her work visible to thousands throughout Baton Rouge on a daily basis.

Over the past three years, other key accomplishments associated with the DES school outreach program include:

For more information, or if you are an educator or student interested in participating in this program, please contact Michael Lowe, DES School Outreach Program Coordinator, at