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Since 2005, the City-Parish worked to design, develop, and construct the 115 projects that comprise the SSO Program, which has been focused on improving quality-of-life for Baton Rouge residents through strategic infrastructure investments and capacity upgrades to the East Baton Rouge sewage infrastructure and wastewater system. Work done as part of the SSO Program included capacity projects, which increase the capacity of pump stations and pipes eliminating overflows, thus allowing for growth; rehabilitation projects, which rehabilitate various elements of the wastewater system; and treatment projects, such as the more than $250 million invested in state-of-the-art upgrades to the South Wastewater Treatment Plant, thus enabling the decommissioning of the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant.

As of January 2019, all SSO projects are complete. For more information on any of these projects, click below or visit the project category page corresponding to the type of project you’re interested in exploring: capacity projects, rehabilitation projects, and wastewater and treatment plant projects.